Theological education

Theological study outside of Nepal is not possible for many students because of financial problems and already being engaged in ministry. Therefore good theological institutions and education means in Nepal are imperative. While the church growth in Nepal has been amazing -- and consistent -- many of the pastors and leaders are without any theological or Bible training. Additionally, with the rise of cults, it is important for leaders to be well equipped in being able to defend, proclaim, and grow in what they believe and to train others to do the same. 

Certainly there are some Bible colleges in Nepal and some are far better than others, however, sometimes, students cannot afford these studies either. There are real advantages in studying theology in one’s local context but, most importantly, studying in the local context makes possible the continuation of one’s ministry. 

Therefore, Global Mission Nepal works to make solid Biblical and affordable theological education accessible to pastors and lay leaders in a manner that will allow them to receive ongoing theological education.


Global Mission Nepal is working in partnership with some terrific organizations to translate some of the best theological resources for the strengthening of the church in Nepal. Sadly, there is a tremendous lack of solid Biblical resources that pastors, church leaders, and lay people can access to grow deeper in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

We have a vision to see a wide array of theological resources being translated into the native language of Nepali. We believe that the Word of God is best understood in a native heart language and we believe the same applies for terrific Biblical resources that will help disciples dig deeper into that Word.


Global Mission Nepal has a vision to open a training school that will prepare believers from all over South Asia for cross-cultural ministry. Nepal is a tremendously strategic country, centered in the heart of the 10/40 window and surrounded by nearly three billion people. We believe that the current exponential growth of the church in a country so central to South Asia is not a coincidence -- it is a design. Therefore, our hearts long to see disciples trained in cross-cultural missions so that they, too, can bring the Gospel to the unreached and unengaged peoples of South Asia.

Our goal is to open the South Asia Mission School by 2020 and to begin training believers from throughout South Asia in theology and missiology.

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Another vision that Global Mission Nepal is working to fulfill in the next five years is that of a theological library. The church in Nepal is hungry for the Word of God, hungry for deep and helpful theological resources. In working with seminaries in the U.S., Global Mission Nepal is working to establish a theological library in the future that will work to serve the church throughout Nepal.

Our desire is to see disciples strengthened in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Combining our translation efforts with a central location that Christians from all of Nepal can access strong theological resources will work to this end.