Pastoral development

Global Mission Nepal is committed to a very clear and intentional focus on training pastors and leaders in Nepal and throughout the Nepalese diaspora around the world. It is believed that over 90% of the pastors and leaders in Nepal are either inadequately trained or have no training at all. This kind of deficiency can have a devastating effect on the health and sustainability of the church both in the short term and the long.

We work to combat such challenges by providing ongoing pastoral and leadership development that seeks to train pastors with both leadership skills, pastoral counseling skills, and theological education. 

Through seminars, classes, one-on-one discipleship, and long-term training programs, our Global Mission Nepal teams strive to cultivate strong leaders and future church planters. We believe that a strong and consistent focus on these areas of development will have a long-lasting effect on the church for decades to come. At a time such as now, this is crucial for the health of the church. We want to see the church grow, not just numerically, but deeper in maturity, faith, boldness, and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Modular Curriculums

Several times a year, in partnership with several affiliated organizations, Global Mission Nepal meets for trainings that take place over a three-year period. Pastors and church leaders are taken through ongoing trainings that cover topics such as hermeneutics, homiletics, Biblical theology, and expository preaching. 

Through these trainings, we gather pastors to give them a Biblical foundation along with ministry and leadership training. These pastors are given assignments to start new ministries and plant new churches during the course of the year. These men and women do amazing things for God in some of the most difficult places. We are empowering them through training to impact their communities and beyond with the love of Jesus. 


One of the most important strategic partnerships used in developing our pastors and leaders is one with local churches around the world. Thousands of pastors in the west have been trained in the best seminaries in the world. Our vision is to connect local churches in the U.S. and other countries with what God is doing within the young church in Nepal. 

Global Mission Nepal works to connect the church in the west to the church in Nepal by organizing short-term mission trips that provide specialized training to hungry pastors and leaders. We facilitate ongoing trainings throughout the year in various regions in Nepal to strengthen the growing church. We will work with any interested church that has gifted leaders that long to share their skills and training with a growing church.